Louise Lavery

Senior Artist at Make Up Pro Store, Belfast


Name: Paddy McGurgan

Age: 33

1. How did you become a makeup artist?

Makeup artistry found me to be honest, as it was through a friend putting my name forward for a retail job on a makeup counter was the reason I got hooked on this art form.

2. Who or what inspires you?

I take inspiration from so many different things from other makeup artists like Kabuki , Francesca and Alex Box to films, even nature and fabrics all make me think of different looks that are possible.

3. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Opening my first makeup store in Belfast having so many products on hand to use on all my applications, there’s only so much one artists can carry in their makeup kit !

4. What’s your must have product from the Make-Up Studio range and why?

Their liquid liner. It’s so black, the tip is very thick and the actual size of the product being so short allows you to be so accurate when doing flicked liner etc.

5. What’s your ultimate ambition?

I’ve always said that my top ambition is to have a front cover in Vogue. Magazines like this have inspired me through my whole career and it would be the ultimate achievement.

6. Who’s your most famous client?

Probably Mischa Barton or The Saturdays.

7. What brands and shows have you worked on?

I’ve worked for many brands from drinks companies like Coca Cola , Smirnoff, Redbull to makeup brands like Gosh , Rimmel etc.

8. What’s the epitaph going to be on your headstone?

My adopted quote I think “the love of beauty is taste the creation of beauty is art”.

9. Describe a typical day in your life.

Every day is so different! Some days I’m teaching all day, others I might be on a shoot all day, others I have a wedding then clients for the rest of the day but always there’s lots of coffee and more coffee.

10. Give an example of your best and worst client.

Best client “do what you think will suit me”. Worst client “I was thinking of like an ice blue across my eyes !”